Was Your Website Hacked?

hackedHaving your WordPress website get hacked can be scary.  Hackers can take the site down, load it up with pornography, pirated music, pirated software or other unwelcome content, redirect it elsewhere, or steal sensitive information.

How to Fix a Hacked Website

When your site has been hacked, there are a few steps that need to be taken to regain control.  First you need to find the hole in your site that allowed the hackers to gain access to your website.  That could happen through the WordPress core files, your theme, plugins, or pretty much anywhere.

Once you’ve found and closed the point of entry you need to clean up your site. This could mean replacing a plugin, removing files or fixing code.

Finally, you need to take steps to ensure your WordPress site isn’t hacked again.  You’ll want to make sure all files are up to date with the latest security.  You’ll also want to install a good security plugin like iThemes to monitor your site.

If your WordPress website has been hacked we can help.  Use the emergency form below to get started.


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