Frequently Asked Questions

What are core files and plugins  and themes and why do they need to be updated?

The core files are what makes up WordPress. Themes are what create the design and layout of your site.  Plugins are little pieces of software that add new functions to your site.

Over time, as technologies change and new threats emerge, WordPress is updated as well.  Sometimes it’s updated to protect itself from a new virus, sometimes it’s updated to fix a bug that’s been found.

What if I don’t know my login information?

We can usually help with that.  We can look up who’s hosting your website and contact them with your permission to get access.


Doesn’t my hosting company handle backups and updates?

Some hosting companies have the ability to back up your site, but whether your site is actually getting backed up is another story as it often has to be turned on manually.


How does my current webmaster fit into all this?

We don’t replace your webmaster, we support him/her.  We can coexist peacefully together to keep your site in tip top shape.


What are the chances of something going horribly wrong?

Zero.  The first thing we do is back up your site so there’s never a chance of making things worse.