Free WordPress Health Check

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WordPress is great!  Heck it powers almost 20% of the world’s websites.  But WordPress sites require maintenance to keep them humming and secure.

Even if you haven’t changed your content in years, your WordPress site still needs to be updated.

Over time, as technologies change and new threats emerge, WordPress is updated as well.  Sometimes it’s updated to protect itself from a new virus, sometimes it’s updated to fix a bug that’s been found.

Similarly, WordPress plugins need to be updated too in order to keep up with the improved security levels. Old plugins are the most common means used to access WordPress installations.

Hackers don’t care how big your site is, they just care about whether they can get in and exploit it.


Get Your Free WordPress Health Check

For a limited time, we are offering a FREE full health check so you know whether your site is secure, backed up and up to date. We will check:

  • Whether basic security measures are in place
  • Whether backups are being carried out regularly and how they are being done.
  • How current your WordPress installation is.
  • How current your theme and plugins are.
  • How fast your website loads.

We’ll provide you with a full report detailing any vulnerabilities and issues and suggest remedies where appropriate. If you want us to, we’ll implement all our recommendations.

This is a free no obligation offer.  The report is yours to keep.



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