WordPress Maintenance

Keep Your Site in Top Shape


A WordPress site is a lot like a car.  It will keep running for a long time, but it runs much better if you keep it maintained.

WordPress sites have a lot of moving parts, including the core files, database, theme files, plugins, admin area and front end.  Almost all of these pieces get updated periodically, and someone needs to install those updates.  If this doesn’t happen, your site is vulnerable to breaking or being hacked.

WordPress is great!  Heck it powers almost 20% of the world’s websites.  But WordPress sites require maintenance to keep them humming and secure.

Even if you haven’t changed your content in years, your WordPress site still needs to be updated.

Over time, as technologies change and new threats emerge, WordPress is updated as well.  Sometimes it’s updated to protect itself from a new virus, sometimes it’s updated to fix a bug that’s been found.

Similarly, WordPress plugins need to be updated too in order to keep up with the improved security levels. Old plugins are the most common means used to access WordPress installations.

Hackers don’t care how big your site is, they just care about whether they can get in and exploit it.

We offer a variety of options for keeping your site it top condition from processing updates, making sure your site is secure from attack to backing it up.


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